Below are mounting accessories for fencing mesh in our offer, and clicking on the slider next to it you can see a full size photo gallery.

Wire tensioner (RAL)

Wire tensioner (galvanized)

Bracket (RAL)

Aluminum connector cap

Mounting screw

Wire grommet

Wire tension

Ancillary part

Compression rod

No. Accessories Explanation
1. Explanation Corner post Galvanized, PVC galvanized finished with a cap
2. Intermediate bar Galvanized, PVC galvanized
3. Support post Galvanized, PVC galvanized ended with a plastic hinge cap
4. Compression bar PVC galvanized
5. Tightener Element for tensioning the tension wire
7. Aluminum hinge Connecting element between intermediate and corner support posts
8. Bracket The element enabling the connection of the tensioner and the post to the posts
9. Mounting screw It is used for fixing prestressing rods
10. Grommet Element connecting the tension wire to the intermediate post
11. Tension wire Galvanized + PVC Tension wire
12. Tie wire Galvanized + PVC 1,6/2,0